School Work 2016

SAIKAI japanese fika

In the course Graphic packaging project an exchange of fika experiences with Japanese students at three schools was made. We created the brand SAIKAI, which stands for "until next time". The hexagon shape stands for communication and balance, inspired by nature. Nature is also the inspiration for the pattern with mountains, winds blowing, rivers flowing and fields of tea and rice.


The box of cookies is constructed to work as serving tray when opened. The cookies are separated by the packaging and individually wrapped in a transparent paper, just the way japan likes it - it's sanitary and keeps the cookies from beeing smooshed together, also you won't get sticky fingers picking them cookies up.


When emptied you can fold the packaging into any shape you want. The possibilities are almost endless and it's great fun!


Collaboration with Emma Waleij, Alma Lindström and Maja Ahlund.



Featured and Best of the Week at, 2017

Featured and Best Rated at, 2017

Exhibited at Tokyo Pack, Tokyo Japan, 2016