PIDA Award 2017


Rock Salt

The brief was to challenge the conventional packaging for a sustainable future.


Himali rock salt is a premium brand that sells rock salt crystals from different parts of the world. Himali shows the process of mining the crystals as well as present their origin in a distinct and refined way.


The different flavors of salts are displayed on the front of the lid where the word salt is written in different languages depending on origin. Himalayan Pink is mined in Nepal and the language is Nepali, in writing Devanagari. Persian blue is mined in Iran and the language here Persian.


The packaging concept contributes to sustainability partly through the reduction of plastic, but mainly through the packaging and marketing concept that makes you think more about where the product comes from, about the mining process and about our planet’s limited resources. Himali wants the consumer to know the commodity and treat it with respect. The story behind the product is displayed by the cut corner that illustrates the mining process of reducing rock salt from the mine. On the inside of the packaging, beneath the rock salt is another more in-depth display of the mining process. It shows what’s left in the mine when the salt is removed. This is also illustrated with a discrete pattern on the outside of the lid, to bring the concept together.


PIDA Packaging Impact Design Award 2017

Finalist and Winner of Highest Level of Shelf Impact